Welcome to the Property Coach

Marina Capel is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, with extensive knowledge in buying homes safely in the U.S.

Buying Safe Homes

The most common and safe way to buy an existing home is through licensed real estate agents. They will ensure you are buying property that actually exists, and will guide you through negotiating the price, market price estimates, house inspections and many other precautionary actions prior to signing on the dotted line.

Why I Care

I have many Friends and ‘friends of friends’ from Singapore who are in need of help and information about purchasing US properties. I have been concerned about the rising number of emails offering properties for sale in places like Detroit and other places that may be scams. With my knowledge and presence in the U.S I work to help you avoid the scams and invest safely in US properties.

Who Am I

I came to the US from Singapore. I am a licensed real estate agent who has bought and sold several residences since living the U.S. I am an international tax lawyer and work to share my knowledge about different aspects of buying properties in the U.S.

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What we do

We match you with your perfect investment property and dream home


Find your perfect match


We search for you, within your price range.


Offer multiple options varying on your personal goals and aim.


People, Places, and Resources.

The Problem

I’ve heard the story countless of times. From friends, close loved ones, even other expats who have wanted to re-locate to the U.S or buy an investment property. The story goes something like this:

“You got a document that looks authentic. But ask yourself how did you get this deed? Did you engage an independent 3rd party professional to conduct the title search? Did you get an independent 3rd party to do a home inspection? Did you engage a 3rd party professional to record the deed with the town clerk? Do you have a warranty deed that covenants that the seller owns the property in fee simple? That there are no encumbrances? That the seller has the legal authority to sell the property? Are all title defects cleared?”

Scams happens every day to people, just like you.
And it’s not your fault

Is there a Solution?

Be Independent and Use your own Professionals to protect your interests