It costs nothing to talk to me either as a buyer or a seller or just as a dreamer! I link your personal interests in buying and selling homes in the US with my knowledge of the areas you are looking at, the reasons for your interests and help you improve the investment potential of your decision making with knowledge of the big picture economy trends, local area market trends, and tax upside or downside of your particular situation and profile. Law (real estate and taxation), economics and just plain real estate advice is what I am uniquely placed to offer to you as my client!

Marina Capel

Property Coach

I came to the US from Singapore. I am a licensed real estate agent who has bought and sold several residences since living the U.S. I am an international tax lawyer and I work to share my knowledge about different aspects of buying properties in the US.

The U.S offers wonderful properties for expats looking to invest or re-locate.

What They Say About Me

Travel Experience60%
Investment Property Home Expertise80%
Finding & Matching People with their Dream Homes100%
10 in Hawaii, 2 over Independence weekend, 1 in Woodstock NY!
Great summer days so far.....
After navigating the investment property market for decades and turning away because of countless scams, and overwhelming information, I was able to work with Marina and find a property that would suit both mine and my family's needs for the long and short term. I couldn't be happier, and am so grateful to have found Marina to help make the process so easy, and liaison between myself and real estate agencies!- Justin Marks
I thought finding an investment property would be impossible. I didn't know where to look and I was unsure how to start. Finding Marina was the greatest serendipity that has ever happened to me. I now have two homes abroad, currently live in Singapore, and am still making an income from my investments alone. So grateful!-